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SPEED PERF6RMANC3 Auxiliary Fan Controller For Mazda MZR-DISI

$159.98 $119.98
(You save $40.00)

Product Description

The factory fan control module controls coolant temperature between 214 and 217 degrees F. OEM Manufacturers do this in order to meet emission's requirements, as a hotter motor burns fuel more efficiently which in turn reduces NOx and other harmful gasses from polluting the environment. By running the motor at a higher temperature, it causes boosted air temperatures (BAT's) to rise which reduces power and can also lead to a warped head if the conditions exist for prolonged periods of time.

In order to keep engine temperatures under control, we have come up with a solution that works in parallel with the factory fan control module. It allows you to adjust the temperature at which your fans turn on at which point they will run for 15-20 seconds to let the engine cool down without allowing the thermostat to close preventing circulation. This temperature on set point can be adjusted higher or lower per the customer’s specifications. In the event that the AUX fan controller may fail, the OEM controller will take over and keep your motor running at the factory setpoints. 


The full contents of this kit include:

  • Two posi-tap connectors for tapping the factory fan controller and coolant temp sensor wires
  • Custom PnP wiring harness with 40A sealed relay for continuous duty in severe weather conditions
  • Full color wiring instructions (See Below For Link)


Installation Instructions for 2006-2007 MS6

MS6 Install Addendum For AC Fix

Installation Instructions for 2007-2013 MS3


Video Instructions:



NOTE: In order to adjust this controller, you will need access to the engine coolant temp value and not just the needle on the dashboard gauge. Any scan tool such as the COBB AccessPORT, MSD Dashhawk, Ultragauge, ect. should be able to do this. On MS6 applications, your fans will not come on automatically when the A/C is turned on but will still turn on at normal setpoints. This can cause your A/C to not blow as warm when air is not moving over the condenser. 

Product Videos

SPEED PERF6RMANC3 AUX Fan Controller Programming Instructions


Product Reviews

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  1. great product!!

    Posted by Andrew Skrocki on 30th Sep 2017

    I was amazed at the materials used! Well put together and not cheaply made!
    Pros...quality wire and wire sleeves, metal box, weather tight relay, great instructions.
    Cons...have to go online for instructions or print them out, no add-a-fuse or fuse holder for power was in kit, would like to see weather tight box for controller and Velcro to mount it.

    Over all great product for money. Will recommend to other speed owners!!

  2. lower heat temp now

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Sep 2014

    Installed aux fan controller today, works perfect !The product was very high quality for the price.I can now see lower 200*f whit this control .thanks SPEED PERF6RMANC3

  3. No more high temps when stuck in traffic

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jul 2014

    Installed aux fan controller today, works perfectly.
    Instal was fairly simple except finding the correct wire to tap from main harness for MS3. But with the help of speedper6rmanc3 got it right .
    As far as the hardware the wire taps are great as well as the controller itself.
    All high quality parts.
    After instal & adjusting the fan controller temps haven't seen my ECT's go above 201* F. GREAT usually my ECT's would go as high as 219*F until the fan kicked in. Now fan kicks in at 201*F & cools it down to 190*F then shuts off.
    Everything working as advertised, great product couldn't be happier.

  4. Just what I was looking for!

    Posted by Bill on 23rd Jul 2014

    Living in Florida and driving an MS6, seeing coolant temps between 217 and 214 is apart of life you have to accept :(
    After installing the SP63 fan controller my problems are solved. I now see my coolant temps between 185 and 200. I felt I had to write a review after having this installed for a day or so because I am so happy with the results. The product was very high quality and wiring harnesses were top notch.
    Install was very simple and the instructions SP63 provided were like following along to picture by picture pirate ship Lego instructions as a kid; stupid easy. (just remember for the MS6 to leave the plug by the fans unclipped).
    Setting the on/off points for the fans was really easy as well.

    I would highly recommend this product to every MS6/3 owner.