About Us

SPEED PERF6RMANC3 was started by two Mazda master technicians who shared the same passion for pushing the Mazdaspeed 3/6 platform as far as they could. Our day to day experience of repairing the entire line of Mazda vehicles has given us exclusive insight into the inner workings of the MZR motor that no one else could ever learn on their own.

We have built 100+ motors that are supporting the community’s highest HP cars. We strive to use only the best parts out there and when we find a part to have a weak link, we go back to the drawing board to redesign it to handle more HP and more abuse in order to push the limit even further.

We work very closely with a select few machine shops that are owned by world renowned engine builders. This gives us the ability to both ensure the highest quality machining is met and to improve on every motor we do based on 75+ years of combined experience in the racing industry.

We stand behind everything we do and nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction.