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SP63 Short Block

SPEED PERF6RMANC3 has revamped the way we do engine builds and has broken down your options into different stages in order to help simplify the process. We separated our 3 most popular combos of parts combinations to help appeal to a wide variety of customers. If the below information is not enough to help you to decide which stage to go with, feel free to call us and we can walk you through a personalized set of options for your application.

Stage 1
Our stage 1 engine package consists of mostly OEM parts combined with the strength and longevity of a new set of rods and pistons. The Manley H-Beam rods have been our most popular option for builds and are a great economical choice for this stage. We decided to offer our custom 4032 series material pistons from Mahle to better cater to the daily driver not looking for huge amounts of HP. These pistons have a much lower expansion rate then a forged 2618 piston which helps to reduce piston slap on cold start and offers a lot more longevity for motors that see a lot of mileage. This stage is the best option if your budget is tight and you aren’t looking to make more than 425whp.

Stage 2
Our stage 2 engine package starts with the stage 1 options but upgrades several components to help push the HP limit to the next level. We choose our custom forged 2618 pistons from Mahle to help handle the added HP that a 4032 piston just can’t handle. We are also offering the new H-Tuff connecting rod from Manley which is a stronger variant of their popular H-Beam rod. We upgrade you to the Clevite H-Series main and rod bearings along with the ARP main studs. What really shines about this package is our brand new custom age 625+ head studs which are designed to hold up to 650whp with ease. We choose the L19 material for our head studs previously but the CA625+ material is a step above that and has much better corrosion resistance. To ensure that your block stays in-time, all stage 2 builds will come with a keyed crank, pulley, and sprockets. This stage is the best option if you’re unsure of your future power goals but you know you will never exceed 650whp.

Stage 3
Our stage 3 engine package defies convention and brings you the best of the best when it comes to engine performance. We push the stage 2 options even further by sleeving your block with our in-house dry sleeves to ensure your cylinder walls stay intact when pushing large amounts of boost. We upgrade you to the Manley I-Beam rods to ensure you never experience a wall when your HP goals continue to grow. In order to help keep the head seated onto the block, we install ½” head studs which will take any amount of boost you can throw at them. We recommend this stage for any customer who is looking to make more than 650whp.

We also have many different options for headwork and valvetrain to compliment all of our staged engine packages. Checkout our headwork section HERE.


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