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Terms & Conditions

Use or the purchase of products from SPEED PERF6RMANC3 hereby constitutes an agreement in which the customer understands and agrees and is bound to the terms and conditions set forth below, IF YOU DO NOT AGREE PLEASE DISCONTINUE USE OF THIS WEBSITE.


 Pollution Controlled Vehicles and Components:

Many products listed here are dedicated racing items and are not intended for street use in emission controlled vehicles and are not considered "street legal". Unless otherwise stated, these parts are not to be installed in vehicles subject to emission control regulations. Check with your state emission authorities before installation of any parts listed here which do not carry an emissions compliance. SPEED PERF6RMANC3 makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to the emissions law compliance of ANY of its items.


 Published/Internet Pricing:

SPEED PERF6RMANC3 cannot anticipate price increases which manufacturers impose throughout the year, leading to increased pricing. Due to print lead times, all retail prices are subject to change without prior notice. Product specifications/appearance, availability, and pricing are all subject to change without notice.


 Credit Card Purchases:

In order to protect our customers and SPEED PERF6RMANC3 against credit card fraud, all credit card purchases are verified. SPEED PERF6RMANC3 will pursue civil and criminal action to recover ALL costs of credit card misuse (such as charge-backs on shipped and received items) and fraud. We will only ship to a verified billing address. We reserve the right at ANY time to refuse a credit card type payment and require a cashier/certified check or cash. Orders will not be released without FULL payment. We reserve the right to refuse sales/service to any ANYONE.


 Order Cancellations/Returns:

No returns will be accepted without the original invoice. No returns after 30 days. Refunds on shipping/handling will not be granted on return items. No refunds or credits will be granted on any parts having evidence of being installed or used for testing. No returns on items that have have any damage. Please contact us for a Return Authorization Number before returning any parts for any reason. Any errors, including damages, within your order must be reported within 2 business days of being marked "delivered" by the shipping company. This gives you ample time to check your invoice against the contents of the package. After this time frame, no corrections will be made. All acceptable returns are subject to a 10% restocking charge, which also applies to orders being held. "Acceptable Returns" is defined as a product in new and unused condition with all of the packaging and paperwork. If any of these conditions are not met, the parts will be returned to the customer at their expense and not credited. Refunds will be made in the original manner in which it was received. New engine orders can only be cancelled within a definitive timeline of 1 month upon purchase date. "Used" engine orders can be cancelled at any time. However, refund is decided upon progress of the engine at the time.

Any deposits made are non-refundable.

Core returns are to be sent back to SPEED PERF6RMANC3 within 45 days from the time the order was received.


 Items/Parts Left at SPEED PERF6RMANC3:

A request must be made IN WRITING by the customer to keep any old parts at the time of drop off/delivery to SPEED PERF6RMANC3. Engines, transmissions, new parts, old parts or orders left or forgotten at our facility will be considered abandoned unless specific written instructions (via email or mail) have been given to SPEED PERF6RMANC3 to hold or keep at which time SPEED PERF6RMANC3 will respond with an acknowledgment. If you do not receive an acknowledgment your parts will still be considered abandoned! You must get confirmation of your request! Parts will be disposed of or sold at our discretion to recover storage space/fees/labor. NO REFUNDS, PAYMENTS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE ISSUED!



All Products sold by SPEED PERF6RMANC3 are covered by the manufacturer's own terms of warranty. SPEED PERF6RMANC3 is not responsible for products sold which are not covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Some vendors, such as Ford Motorsport Racing, do not offer any form of warranty on their products. For warranty information on specific manufacturers contact the manufacturer directly. Unless otherwise stated SPEED PERF6RMANC3 does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, or other representation about the use of any of its products under specific applications. Purchaser expressly ASSUMES THE RISK of all personal, property and economic injury, damage or loss, either direct or indirect, arising from the use, misuse, or failure to determine the appropriate use of any product sold here.



Limited Lifetime Warranty:

SPEED PERFF6MANC3 warrants this product as long as it is free from damages in material and workmanship for its lifetime following the date of the original purchase. If the product is discovered to be defective by SPEED PERFF6MANC3, such products will, at SPEED PERFF6MANC3 discretion, be replaced or repaired at cost to SPEED PERFF6MANC3. All products alleged by Purchaser to be defective must be returned to SPEED PERFF6MANC3, with postage prepaid.

This limited warranty does NOT apply to labor or other costs or expenses incidental to the repair and/or replacement of products or parts.

This limited warranty does not cover products if damaged, mishandled, misused, misapplied, neglected (including but not limited to improper maintenance), accidents, improper installation, modifications (including but not limited to use of unauthorized parts or attachments), adjustments or repairs performed by anyone other than SPEED PERFF6MANC3.

The parties hereby understand and agree that the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against SPEED PERFF6MANC3 shall be for the repair or replacement of the defective product as provided in this limited warranty. This exclusive remedy shall not be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose so long as SPEED PERFF6MANC3 is willing and able to repair or replace defective goods.


Engine Warranty:


All SPEED PERF6RMANC3 Long Blocks/rebuilds are covered by a 36 month/unlimited mile against defects in workmanship, this is determined solely by SPEED PERF6RMANC3, this time period starts when the engine is received by the customer. Short Blocks are under 12mos/unlimited mile. This warranty will cover ENGINE dis-assembly/assembly. Warranty is VOID on ANY engine that has been disassembled, tampered with or otherwise modified by ANY business or person unless expressly authorized in writing by SPEED PERF6RMANC3. This warranty does not cover neglect, mis-installation, mis-use, improper tuning or damage caused by other part failures, failure to comply with this policy releases SPEED PERF6RMANC3 from ALL warranty obligations. SPEED PERF6RMANC3 is not responsible for any "down time", storage fees, rental cars, shop fees or other fees associated with a warranty claim regardless of the cause of failure. Customer is responsible financially for removing the engine and shipping to and from SPEED PERF6RMANC3 for service or warranty consideration/repair regardless of cause of failure.


 SPEED PERF6RMANC3 staff may discuss your warranty via phone or email including possible causes & whether your suspected problem is covered, this is not a final determination however, the final determination will not be made until the engine is returned to SPEED PERF6RMANC3 for inspection. Failure to return the shortblock / longblock for warranty consideration/inspection releases SPEED PERF6RMANC3 from ALL warranty obligations. Because SPEED PERF6RMANC3 does not manufacture many of the parts contained within these engines we cannot provide a warranty for them, the individual manufacturers of these internal parts may have warranties, because they change from time to time it is best that the customer contact these companies for up to date information. Warranty is only valid to original owner. Service records required showing proper maintenance.


This warranty also covers shipping by SPEED PERF6RMANC3's carrier to and from SPEED PERF6RMANC3 in the event of a warranty failure. Failures not covered under warranty are subject to normal shipping fees and these will be applied on non-warranty repair bills. (Example - engine arrives @ SPEED PERF6RMANC3 facility with melted pistons - this is deemed non warranty and the shipping must be paid for by the customer, if SPEED PERF6RMANC3 prepaid the shipping it will be added back to the repair bill in such case) All other Terms and conditions are same as standard warranty.




These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of New Jersey, excluding only its conflict of law provisions. Customer hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the State of New Jersey, and waives any jurisdictional venue or inconvenient forum objections to such courts. Any failure by SPEED PERF6RMANC3 to enforce any of its rights under these Terms & Conditions, or any applicable laws, shall not constitute a waiver of such right.


 Layaway Terms and Conditions:

Layaway's are non-refundable - no exceptions! No cancellations or refunds on layaway products or engine orders that ship after balance is paid in full (allow up to 6 weeks for engines or custom items). Maximum lay away term is 12 months, layaways are free of charge for a 12 month period. Layaway's that exceed 12 months will be subject to a monthly charge of $100 and will be subject to current pricing and availability. In the event that the item is no longer available, it will be replaced with a comparable item of similar value. Layaway's that exceed 18 months will be subject to a monthly charge of $250. Orders/layaway without any payment activity within a 12 month and 1 day period will be considered abandoned and no refunds will be given - No exceptions!


 Modification of Terms:

SPEED PERF6RMANC3 may, at any time and without notice, amend these terms and conditions ("Terms"), or may limit or deny access to, or change the content of, the website. You should periodically visit this page to review the then current terms to which you are bound. When leaving this website, please read the website terms and the privacy policy applicable to any such website to ensure you understand and agree with the terms applicable to that website.


 Restricted Use and Copyrights:

All photographs, audio and video clips, picture images, graphics, links, website architecture, format, layout and data structures, and all other items contained on the website are copyrighted unless otherwise noted and may not be used in any manner, except as provided in these Terms or in the website text, without SPEED PERF6RMANC3's prior written permission. Any unauthorized use of these materials may violate copyright, trademark and privacy laws, and other applicable statutes. You may browse this website and download or print a copy of material displayed on the website for your personal use only and not for redistribution, unless consented to in writing by SPEED PERF6RMANC3. This limited consent shall automatically terminate upon your breach of any of these website Terms.


 Dealer Agreement:

All Dealers/Companies hereby understand that the purchase of product from SPEED PERF6RMANC3 constitutes a "Dealer agreement" and that SPEED PERF6RMANC3 may at its discretion, share its names of dealers for the purpose of referrals, dealer lists, advertising and any other use that it may see fit within confines of the law. Dealers agree NOT to sell competing items from other manufacturers. The copying, reverse engineering, sales or reproducing of ANY SPEED PERF6RMANC3 products regardless of trivial differences is strictly prohibited by the dealer or third party, and grounds for termination of Dealer status and grounds for legal action. NO RETURNS ON ANY DEALER ITEMS/ORDERS. This applies whether the order has shipped or not. This agreement shall remain in effect until either party terminates the agreement in writing. The termination of the dealer agreement does not constitute a waiver of ANY of SPEED PERF6RMANC3's rights including but not limited to the copying, reverse engineering or reproducing of ANY SPEED PERF6RMANC3 products regardless of trivial differences or selling competing items from other manufacturers is strictly prohibited by the dealer or third party and will be grounds for legal action and termination of dealer account.


  A Note On Engine Builds

It is very important to understand the differences between OEM and Forged pistons, and what an appropriate application to use them in is. The majority of our customers drive their vehicles daily, and therefore reliability is always a factor to consider when building a street-engine. The single best way to stay very reliable and make good "useable" horsepower, is to use OEM pistons in your build. Forged Pistons are not designed to be used in a daily driven application. Forged pistons are designed to be used in a race engine where they are checked from top to bottom and rebuilt if needed after a specified number of races. Anyone who builds a street purpose motor has no intentions of tearing it down every 10k miles just to see how things are doing.

The reliability factor between OEM and forged pistons is in the material and how it behaves. Forged pistons are made from two different alloys, 2618 aluminum alloy and 4032 aluminum alloy. The difference is that 4032 has more silicone built into the piston, allowing for LESS thermal expansion, and allowing you to run a tighter piston-to-wall clearance (PTW). Piston-to-wall clearance is the area between the piston and the cylinder wall. This clearance is built into the bore so the piston can expand correctly. 2618 aluminum alloy has less silicone and expands much more than 4032. However, 2618 has proved to be stronger and can take much more abuse (detonation). Under detonation the ring lands become brittle and crack in 4032 alloy pistons. The disadvantage to having 2618 alloy is because of the loose piston-to-wall clearance that must be run. Typically, most manufacturers of 2618 alloy pistons require a wall clearance of .0030 to .0045in. (3 to 4 1/2 thousandths of an inch). When it is this loose, there will be a considerable amount of "piston slap". When you first start the engine and it is cold, you will hear the pistons rocking back and forth in the bore, giving off a clackity sound. As the engine warms up, this sound will diminish or disappear entirely, depending on the clearance.

Imagine this event in a daily driven engine. The car is started on an average of 2-4 times a day. Multiply that by a number of days, then weeks, months, etc. What ends up happening is your blocks cylinder walls become "chaffed" and "out-of-round" which leads to improper sealing and oil consumption.  All of this can happen on your engine build after only 15- 20 thousand miles. Race teams understand this and use the piston for what it is intended. OEM pistons are used in many autocross and road racing applications and should be used in your street builds. OEM pistons are used in road racing over forged pistons, because of the effective sealing properties and reliability that they provide.


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