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What is the 2.5L engine build?
The 2.5L build is one h*ll of an engine! The engine is designed with a bigger bore and a longer stroke producing more torque and horsepower simply by changing the dynamics of these factors.
The 2.5L engine was developed a few years ago. However, SP63 took their time designing and perfecting this product because they wanted to create something unique, reliable, and powerful.

What is the inspiration behind this build?
Coming from a couple of guys that wholeheartedly enjoy the adrenaline rush of speed, as well as the oddly satisfying feeling of taking apart and rebuilding something from scratch. The team at SP63 was inspired to construct an engine that delivers more torque and horsepower at lower RPMs like any car enthusiast or adrenaline junkie would dream of.

What makes this build different from the other's?
Multiple points make this build unlike any other currently out in the market.
These factors include:
- Pistons designed with gas ports to help with combustion sealing
- Custom rod length & comp height that helps with dwell time and excels all its power
- Generates 800 Horsepower effortlessly with less boost vs. other builds that stuggle to make that kind of power
- SP63 is currently the only performance shop offering and dedicated to this build!

Why should you purchase the 2.5L?
So why should you go with the 2.5L? Well, the answer is simple. If you want the best bang for your buck, make power effortlessly, feel the torque, and gap that a*s. Then, this is the perfect build for you! SP63 strives to create a product that is meticulously designed, exhilarating, and brings excitement to the person behind the wheel as well as those coming along for the ride.

Stroking Information
The rod/stroke ratio affects several engine dynamics, including piston speed and acceleration, piston dwell at top dead center and bottom dead center, piston side loads, cylinder loading and bearing loads. Many of these elements play roles in engine aspiration, combustion and wear. Generally, a lower ratio means a high rod angle, creating greater potential for accelerated wear to cylinder walls, pistons and rings. A low enough ratio, due to the severity of its rod angle, can drive a piston right into the cylinder wall. Higher ratio engines, on the other hand, don't have the same friction concerns, but compromise in other areas.  
Air does not fill the intake ports with the same velocity, and there is less demand for the ports to flow as well since there is more time to fill and scavenge the cylinder (we discuss this phenomenon later). This typically means stagnant airflow at low revs and weaker torque.In a stroked motor, the piston ultimately reaches greater speeds to cover the additional stroke. The speed makes intake, compression and exhaust strokes more turbulent and, consequently, more powerful. It also comes with its price in component wear, something to consider when looking into parts that increase stroke that why we use custom and forged components.

Red = Focus RS with 2.3L
Blue = Focus RS with 2.5L 
Red = 2.5L STG3 Cams PTE6266 E60 Tune 34 PSI.wp8
Blue = 2.5L STG3 Cams PTE6266 E60 Tune 30 PSI.wp8 
Green = 2.5L STG3 Cams PTE6266 93 Tune 24 PSI.wp8


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