Mahle PowerPak Pistons Mazda MZR-DISI - SPEED PERF6RMANC3

Mahle PowerPak Pistons Mazda MZR-DISI

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Mahle PowerPak Pistons Mazda MZR-DISI

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Product Description

Mahle PowerPak Pistons W/.210 H13 wall Pin FOR MAZDA MZR-DISI

  • Hard anodized ring lands
  • Improved coating
  • Aggressive bowl design
  • Valve relief on exhaust side. 
  • 2618 & 4032 Piston materials
  • Longer side skirts
  • Oil squirter reliefs
  • Low drag ring pak
  • H13 .210 wall pin
  • GRAFAL skirt coating reduces drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear; reduces piston noise.

Phosphate coating provides the grey appearance to the PRO SERIES PISTON. This dry lubricant coating (not to be confused with a thermal film coating) provides a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves until the oiling system of the engine reaches operating pressure; particularly useful during the initial start-up or break-in of engines to protect against galling and microwelding. The piston crown is still machineable.






NOTE: Price is for pistons only, rods not included. 



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