SPEED PERF6RMANC3 Port Injection Fuel Kit For Mazda MZR-DISI

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SPEED PERF6RMANC3 Port Injection Fuel Kit For Mazda MZR-DISI

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Product Description



Fuel has, is, and always will be the most limiting factor of any direct injection platform. Some OEM’s have resorted to using a combination of direct injection (DI) and port injection (PI) in order to meet the demands of higher horsepower. Most people resort to using water/methanol injection systems which can be un-reliable, inaccurate, and costly to refill on a regular basis. For those looking to push their car past 450whp with a reliable fueling solution then this kit is for you.

Our fueling kit is designed to work with an intake manifold that has been fitted with injector bosses in each individual runner and a -6AN fuel rail. By using a standard fuel injector, you are able to precisely inject an exact amount of fuel as opposed to a W/M injection kit. By using the Split Second AIC, you are provided with a 3D table in which you can reference MAF voltage and RPM in order to inject fuel exactly when you need it.

Our kit also includes a Surge tank which can be mounted in the trunk area of the vehicle. This surge tank allows you to utilize either 1 or 2 fuel pumps while still retaining stock tank fitment. The stock bucket is still used in order to maintain the accuracy of the stock fuel level float and also to maintain the integration of the venturi which is used to pull fuel from the opposite side of the fuel tank on the Mazdaspeed 6. This kit comes with a single walbro 525LPH fuel pump (known as the Hellcat fuel pump). This is more than enough fuel system capacity to feed all 8 injectors (4 OEM, 4 port injection) to 750WHP for the single pump.


See this fuel system in action on our customer's 2012 Mazdaspeed 3 making 700+ HP! Link: https://youtu.be/-4jpD5n2LYU


This kit also includes 4 Bosch high impedance 1000cc injector’s. These are not modified 500cc injectors that flow 1000cc’s, but actual factory Bosch 1000cc injectors. They have a 30 degree cone shaped spray pattern which provides instant atomization as the fuel exits the tip of the injector. They also have an extended tip which allows the injector nozzle to reach down into the intake manifold runner to ensure that fuel is directly mixed with the surrounding air. If your trying to make more then 750 HP, you will need to purchase a different fuel pump option which we will have available soon to support over 900 WHP with a single pump. If you have any questions please contact us before ordering.

We designed a custom Plug-N-Play harness to take most of the guess work out of wiring this kit up. It comes with 1 weatherpack relay, 1 weather pack 15A fuses, soldered eye-ring terminals for the battery and ground connections, and also posi-tap connectors for tapping the relevant ECU wires. It includes full color instructions with easy to read wire designations to help aid in installation. It has enough extra wire to be used with batteries mounted under the hood or in the trunk! Single pump kits will require directly tapping the stock harness for power.

We also recently added a Plug-N-Play harness option for the coil packs! Now you dont have to cut and splice your coil pack harness to wire in the split second fuel controller. Just plug in the harness to all 4 coil packs and then plug the controller into the harness and thats it!

There has been much debate about the type of hose to use for applications that require resistance to corrosive fuel such as ethanol, methanol, and certain types of race gas. Our kit utilizes a synthetic rubber hose from Aeroquip that has a rating of “excellent” which means that ethanol has little to no effect on the degradation of this hose. Most other manufacturers will tell you their hose is “compatible” with ethanol but should be checked regularly for signs of wear. You can be sure that we went the extra mile to bring you a product that will last for years to come.


The full contents of the Single Pump kit Include:

  • All necessary Russell/Aeroquip AN fittings
  • Aeroquip E85 rated fuel hose
  • AEM Universal Fuel Pressure Regulator w/interchangeable restrictors
  • Radium Single Fuel Pump Surge Tank
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Vacuum Hose
  • Walbro 525LPH Fuel Pump
  • 4 Bosch 1000cc Injectors
  • Split Second Auxilliary Injector Controller
  • Miscellaneous wiring terminals, cable clamps, ect.
  • Full Color Instructions



We recommend using this serial adapter if you do not already have one to be able to communicate with the Split Second Controller.




Looking to be able to monitor fuel pressure? Add an Autometer 100 Psi Fuel Pressure Gauge! Product details can be found HERE 



  • This kit does not qualify for free shipping.
  • Some fittings may be substituted for different brands or colors depending on availability at time of order.
  • This kit typically takes 1-2 weeks to build depending on what parts we have in stock. (***ITEM MAY TAKE TAKE LONGER TO SHIP AS MANUFACTURERS HAVE SLOWED DOWN PRODUCTION DUE TO COVID-19***)
  • Currently this kit is only designed to work with the JM Fabrications intake manifold. Other manufacturer’s manifolds can be used with this kit but we provide no assistance or warranty for making that possible. You can purchase the JMF Intake Manifold from here: JM Fabrications V2 Intake Manifold



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